Our Mission

Our mission here at High Pride Roofing is to treat our customers like family. Throughout the entire experience we offer excellence, integrity, and trust.  We believe that a strong bond with our customers is the key to success.  High Pride Roofing will represent, defend, and fight for you when working with your insurance companies.  We will diligently work with you to answer all of your questions and concerns.  Supplying our customers with the proper information is essential to earning your trust, and providing the best services possible.

About the Owner

I worked for a few other roofing companies before starting High Pride and wasn’t happy with the way customers were treated. I wanted to be a company that took the time to spend with the customers that they may need during a stressful time of fixing their homes.  Roofing is a tough industry and may have a bad reputation with negative people that I wanted to change.  I want to offer a reliable and caring company that protects homeowners across the region.  I give honest and fair estimates to replace your roof.  I also help guide you to other trades that are trustworthy to get your home completed.  High Pride has teamed up with other great businesses to ensure that you have a beautiful home when the process is complete.

Why High Pride Roofing Started

I have been in construction for over 15 years, specializing in roofing.  At other companies I saw customers treated as a source of income, instead of people.  I wanted to have a personal rapport with my customers.  As an owner, I can personally take care of every one of my customers, and connect with the community.  High Pride is a locally owned, family business, with deep roots in Colorado Springs.  We are a small company, and plan to stay that way.  We believe small companies help Colorado Springs thrive, and build strong, lasting relationships with their customers.  High Pride strives to take care of its customers, and sustain a lifelong relationship of trust and service.  I personally oversee every project, and direct my employees to satisfy every customer’s needs, down to the last detail.  I strive to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, and treat them like family.

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