T-Lock Shingles are a distinct type of roofing shingle, named for their shape and interlocking tabs.  T-Locks were installed in many parts of Colorado, and were very popular for years.  However, they have since been discontinued due to high cost and extensive installation time.  The discontinuation of T-Locks means roofs with this kind of shingle cannot be repaired.  Since their discontinuation, insurance companies have been raising deductibles, or completely dropping coverage for roofs with these shingles.  Most home owners are unaware of policy changes to their home owner's insurance until it's too late.  Fortunately, if the T-Lock shingles are replaced before any significant damage is done to the roof, most insurance companies will cover the cost.  High Pride Roofing has extensive experience working with home owners and insurance companies to replace T-Lock roofs.

This image shows a roof consisting of T-Lock shingles, installed approximately 25 years ago.  Although there is no major damage, many of the shingles have begun to disintegrate.  Roofs have a lifespan and do need to be replaced over that period of time.

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