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The first step in the home maintenance process is to have an expert inspect your roof.  Our experienced and knowledgeable inspectors will set an appointment, at your convenience, to give you a complementary, five point inspection.  During the inspection, we will look for any missing shingles, tears, hail damage, holes, and general wear and tear.  Regular inspections are important to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof and home.


After the inspection, we will give you multiple pricing options, to best fit your budget.  Estimates are custom to each house and include all products, services, special features, and individual details of your home.  High Pride is committed to working with every customer to find an affordable solution to maintaining their home.

Work With Insurance

High Pride will represent you and communicate directly to your insurance company to ensure the right amount of coverage for your claim.  We will meet with your adjuster directly, to provide a thorough inspection of the entire exterior of your house.  From this inspection we will work with your insurance to get all necessary products and supplies purchased.

Roof Certifications

High Pride Roofing will offer roof certifications to home buyers, and sellers.  Our roof certifications cover leaks, hail damage, penetration points, age of the roof, and proper maintenance.  After the assessment we will provide the customer with all information about further repairs needed on the roof for the next 5 years, excluding acts of god.


Here at High Pride Roofing we'll perform all kinds of roof repairs, large and small.  We will replace individual shingles, either missing or damaged, leaks around chimneys and skylights, weak points around pipes and penetrations, and all other necessary repairs.

Emergency Services

We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all of our customers.  We will work to stop any leaks your home may have, and call in our partner companies to remove all remaining water in your home.  After the leak has been stopped, we will begin working on your claim to start repairs as soon as possible.

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